The Story of Warren Neumann: From Service to Success in San Antonio, Florida

In the quiet town of San Antonio, Florida, there’s a legacy of service, resilience, and dedication that spans generations. At the heart of it lies Neumann Construction & Roofing, LLC., a company that embodies the spirit of its founder, Warren Neumann.

Warren Neumann’s journey is one marked by bravery and commitment, beginning with his service in the United States Army. As a veteran, Neumann earned multiple medals, including the National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal with two Bronze Stars, and a Vietnam Campaign Medal, recognizing his courage and sacrifice in defense of his country.

Vietnam Return Warren Neumann

But before Neumann became a leader in the construction industry, he found himself on a different kind of battlefield – the football field. As a proud member of the Seminole High School Warhawks in Seminole, Florida, Neumann sported the team’s colors of orange and green with pride. Little did he know that these colors would later become synonymous with his own business.

Seminole High School Warhawks

In 1973, Warren Neumann founded Neumann Construction & Roofing, LLC. in San Antonio, Florida, drawing inspiration from his high school days. The orange and green of the Warhawks became the emblematic colors of his company, a nod to his roots and a symbol of tradition and strength.

First Neumann Truck 1973

Throughout the years, Neumann’s dedication and expertise propelled his company to success, earning a reputation for excellence and integrity in the construction and roofing industry. Yet, for Neumann, his greatest source of pride was not in the business itself, but in his family.

As a proud father, Warren Neumann passed down his values of hard work and dedication to his children, Jason Neumann and Jennifer Odom, who now lead Neumann Construction & Roofing, LLC. with the same passion and commitment as their father. Together, they continue to uphold the legacy of service and excellence that Warren Neumann began over four decades ago.

Today, Neumann Construction & Roofing, LLC. stands as a testament to Warren Neumann’s enduring legacy – a legacy rooted in service to his country, loyalty to his community, and a commitment to quality craftsmanship. As the company continues to thrive in San Antonio, Florida, Warren Neumann’s legacy lives on, guiding each project and inspiring future generations to strive for greatness.

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